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CONCERT: Coming of Age


Echo March 1, 2009 at 4:05 pm

Two absolutely brilliant tracks. Drafted, with its carefully crafted lyrics by Susan Hoover, and the instrumental Docks. All building up for the next track: Beached

Back in the nineties I found in a second-hand record shop (Concerto – Amsterdam) the first solo-album by Kit Watkins, Labyrinth. Mr Watkins was the keyboard-player on I can see your house from here, contributing Eye of the storm.

Anyway, Labyrinth’s second song was Mt. St. Helens, based on Docks, quite understandably as Docks was written by Latimer and Watkins. For those interested how Docks would sound without Latimer, check out http://www.kitwatkins.com. Go to downloads, at the bottom of the page. Not like Camel, but enjoyable nevertheless.

Ah, memories :)

Annemieke March 2, 2009 at 10:36 am

Yes truly amazing, all three of them. And although they are also great on the album, I really was surprised with this live versions. I very much like Drafted for the sensitive sound and beautiful lyrics. And Docks is just so great to watch. Seeing how Latimer plays that guitar, fascinating! And than the energy with Beached, perfect.

A few weeks ago I just had to keep watching all those tracks on the dvd Coming of Age. Then a week ago I was completely fascinated by the second half of that dvd, Harbour of Tears. Most of it was new to me and sounded a bit odd at first. But now I totally love it. But that really are no seperate tracks, I just had to hear the whole piece every time.

At the moment I am fascinated by the album Dust and Dreams. I had that album for years but did not play it for a long time. But after hearing some tracks on that dvd, I listened to the whole album again. And as a result heard it many, many times this last week. So I wanted to read the book where it is based on, Grapes of Wrath. I found it online and I am reading it now. Fascinating book and it seems to fit in perfectly with the timeline. Just see if I can get my next blogpost done on that album.

Thanks for the link to Kit Watkins, seems like very relaxing music. Slowly I am finding out who were all the members that have been part of Camel over time. I really think all those interesting individuals over the years did help to shape the unique sound that is so characteristic for Camel.

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