1977 Raindances


1. First Light

2. Metrognome

3. Tell me

4. Highways of the Sun

5. Unevensong

6. One of these days I’ll get an early night

7. Elke

8. Skylines

9. Rain Dances

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Anders Franzén January 26, 2009 at 12:49 pm


Very nice site I must say! I’ll add this to my favourites and link it from my own not-so-nice-and-seldom-updated blog.

Camel’s one of my favourite goups and I must say that Raindances, along with Moonmadness, is my favourite album with them. Yes, IMO it’s better than both Mirage and The Snow Goose. These are of course also superb, but not as superb as their fourth and fifth albums.

Anyway, isn’t the name of the 4th track “Highway of the Sun”?


Annemieke January 26, 2009 at 5:49 pm

So glad you like it. And it is so nice to meet people who also like Camel a lot. I never knew so much of Raindances, some I had never even heard. So I just recently found some of those on Youtube. And even uploaded two of them, ‘Unevensong’ and ‘One of these days I’ll get an early night’, to my other blog.

And even so much better, most of them are on the dvd Moondances. When I just got that dvd I did nothing than watch the Moonmadness concert, but after a while I started watching the concert Raindances. Although it is very different from that one, I also like it a lot now. But I never heard the whole album.

You are right, it is Highways OF the Sun and it is indeed the 4th track. I am going to change it, thank you very much for that.

I saw you also have a music blog, that is great! I will put it on my blogrol too. In the end I would love to have more of that kind of music links.

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