Years ago Camel was my favourite band. I had many of their albums that I played all the time. But even if I had most of their albums and went to some of their concerts when they were in the Netherland, I knew almost nothing about them.

I hardly knew who were the members of the band, I did not know what kind of music style it was or where their inspiration came from.

The last album I got was Dust and Dreams. I liked it a lot, but at that same time I got interested in classical music. At that time I also got interested in art history and philosophy, so I also wanted to know everything about the composers and the time they lived in. I really listened to all kind of different classical music, but ended up with some favourites I listened to over and over again. Which did not mean I disliked others, it was just that I wanted to hear some al the time.

And then there were a few years I hardly listened to music. Not that I did not like it anymore, it is just that I liked the silence more. That is, until I discovered Youtube and blogging. I found out how easy it was to upload Youtube videos on a weblog and went searching for my most favourite classical music to get a great collection of the music I loved.

But then, while searching there, I rediscoverd Camel. I found many videos of their live concerts and was completely fascinated. So I started a weblog, CamelLive Videos, where I could upload my favourite videos of Camel.

I also went looking for more information about the history, the albums, the members and the concerts. And I got interested in knowing what music style it was, where they came from, how they evolved and in what background. But as there is so much, I decided to focus on 3 concerts and combine that with my also recent fascination for blogging.

So now, on this weblog, I want to start giving words to how I perceive the music. I was never good in analysing and writing about that, so I was very glad to find all kinds of reactions to the music of Camel. The many reactions I read on Youtube and the many reviews I found of the albums and concerts give me so much insight into my own reaction to the music that I want to start blogging about it and try to describe my perception of this most amazing music.

Email: annemieke[at]camellive.com


chris stacey July 21, 2010 at 5:24 am


This truly is the best Camel site out there. Congrats on such a complete anf rewarding site


Marcel October 20, 2013 at 11:35 am

Well I suppose you will be joyed that they’re touring again after 10 years!

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