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When I was thinking about a tagline for my blog, I remembered a comment that was made on one of Camel’s videos on Youtube. It said When the human soul speaks, this is what it sounds like. And that was exactly how I felt listening to their music, especially the one the comment was made on, Ice.

When I read that, I thought that was indeed it, the language of the human soul. And that brought me back to what I was trying to put into words for a while now; what is the soul?

My best attempt so far was here. The soul as the passive potential of the active structure of the mind. But this individual human soul is only part of a bigger whole. And the best descriptions so far, I found in the zodiac, where the water- and firesigns reflect the evolution of the spirit and the soul.

1. Universal Soul: Mythical
The end of cycles, forming seeds for the next cycle. Magical thinking. Longing for unity.

2. Primordial Spirit: Impulsive
Activity that is self-motivated, unaffected by others.

3. Primordial Soul: Emotion
Nurturing, support, emotional bonding, belonging, roots, source.

4. Individual Spirit: Expressing
Self-expression, creating, being true to your inner nature, acting from the heart.

5. Individual Soul: Integrate
Transformation, power, ego-death, passion, self-mastering.

6. Universal Spirit: Vision
Consciousness expansion. Using your talents for the benefit of the greater whole.

7. Universal Soul: Compassion
Compassion and empathy. Seeing the unity of all things.

Stages combined
Music is often a mix of these and does not fall in just one category. Many love songs are a mix of the primordial soul (abandoned) and the universal soul (longing), while religious music can be a mix of the mythical (1) and conscious (7) longing for unity (universal soul) and music like rap is about personal expression (individual spirit).

I think the music of Camel has gone through these stages in the more then 30 years of their existence (not always chronological) and the videos of the live concerts show this transformation over time.

Although I have been thinking about this a lot, this blog post is in no way meant to be complete, and at this point I do not have any idea how to put it better into words. Maybe it will become more clear in time.

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Vince Ong April 8, 2009 at 11:36 am

Hi.. woah never know a good thing about musics, thanks for posting up.


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